Ilven Taelur

A short introductory grammar

(Nimiauetuen talkertivon)

Phonology and Spelling


The inventory of Tellic consonant phonemes is as follows:

  bilabial labiodental dental alveolar postalveolar palatal velar glotal
plosive /p/, /b/   /t/, /d/       /k/, /g/  
nasal /m/     /n/     /?/  
trill       /r/        
fricative   /v/   /s/       /h/
lateral       /l/        
approximant /w/         /j/    

As for vowels, Tellic has five short vowels: /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/ and /u/ plus five diphthongs originally deriving from tonic long vowels, always placed in a tonic open syllable followed by only one consonant plus a short vowel (/'CV.CV/ ⇒ /'CV:.CV/):


Tellic is currently written in Latin script. The spelling is phonemic.

Letter Phoneme Tellic name of letter
A /a/  
E /e/  
I /i/ or /j/  
O /o/  
U /u/ or /w/  
AE /ae/, /aj/  
IE /je/  
IA /ja/  
UE /we/  
AU /aw/  
P /p/  
B /b/  
M /n/  
V /v/  
T /t/  
D /d/  
N /n/  
S /s/  
K /k/  
G /g/  
NG /ng/  
H /h/  
L /l/  
R /r/  

juan alberto alonso - 2007