Ilven Taelur

A short introductory grammar

(Nimiauetuen talkertivon)

List of Roots

AN to be [ser] (NV)
AR to be [estar] (V,NV,S)
DAN to eat (V)
DUN person (N)
HIL to kill (V), to die (NV)
HIS to want (V, NV)
HUS morning (N), to wake sb. (V),
IAN to go (V)
KAS to send (V)
KEL to choose (V)
KEM to work (V/E), to get tired (NV/R), to be tired (S)
KER to write (V)
LAL to sing (V)
LAR moon (N), to be sad (S)
MEL to be good (NV,S), to make good (V); to be better (NV,S / E), to improve (V/E)
MEN to remember (V), to think (NV)
MET to interchange, to trade (V)
MIL to smile (NV), to laugh (NV/E)
PAL to look at (V), to see (NV), to read (V/E)
PET to fly (V)
SER to protect (V)
SUP to sleep (V,S), to get asleep (NV/I)
TAL to speak, to say (V), to seem (NV)
TEM house (N), village, town (N/C), to dwell (NV), to be at home (S)
VAL ray, electricity (N),

juan alberto alonso - 2007